Permission Repository Class

Permission handler for the ScalyMUCK server. It employs a sort of repository system used for storing and evaluating permissions with variable terms and exceptions.

class permissions.Permissions(workdir=None)[source]

Main class for permission handling in ScalyMUCK.


Initializes a new instance of the permissions repository class.


You must pass in a good work directory in order for the permissions repository class to be able to load the server global config/permissions.cfg file.


Determines whether or not a permission is actually set in the repo.

set_permission(name=None, value=None, evaluator=None)[source]

Sets a permission in the repo.

standard_evaluator(name=None, player=None, value=None)[source]

Tests all standard permissions built into the server.

Keyword arguments:
  • name – The name of the permission to attempt to evaluate.
  • player – An instance of game.models.Player to evaluate against.
  • value – The specific variable used to configure this permission setting.
test(name=None, player=None, *arbitrary)[source]

Tests the permission availability against a player.