EasyDelegate  2.0
Delegate and deferred callers for C++11.
easydelegate Directory Reference


file  deferredcallers.hpp [code]
 Include file declaring the deferred caller types for use in systems where deferred calls is a necessity.
file  delegates.hpp [code]
 Include file declaring various delegate types.
file  delegateset.hpp [code]
 Include file containing the definition for the DelegateSet class.
file  easydelegate.hpp [code]
 Main include file for the EasyDelegate library.
file  exceptions.hpp [code]
 Include file containing the definitions for all exception types thrown by the EasyDelegate library.
file  mainpage.h [code]
 Main page file for use with Doxygen. This file does absolutely nothing otherwise.
file  types.hpp [code]
 Include file declaring various helper types used by the EasyDelegate library. They may also aid programmers using the library as well.